Sve&Co Ekonomi takes use of modern digital solutions in accounting that strip away the dull (work associated with) bookkeeping and make the complex economical processes of your business easy to follow. Following the cash flow in real time allows you to see how your actions affect your business, and allow you to make quick decisions based on current figures.

Our aim is to let each client decide how much work they want to put down in their accounting at any given stage of their business development. Sve&Co Ekonomi can make sure that you do not need to think about your acconting when you want to focus on your business idea, and also guide you to a deeper understanding of the economy of your enterprise.

At Sve&Co Ekonomi we offer you a partnership in your development as an entepreneur.


Sve&Co offers all rangers of services needed by a new business. Initially we offer support with making a business plan, choosing the type of company that is right for you, making a budget, and guiding you through the rules and requierements that you need to consider while running a business. Once you start running your company Sve&Co can allow you to focus on your idea by taking care of the routine tasks of bookkeeping and helping you to avoid common mistakes made by inexperienced enterpreneurs. As you mature in your enterpeneurial role Sve&Co can offer you partnership and advice in long term development of your business.